Veterans turn to 360 USA for safety

Veterans turn to 360 USA for safety

One thing military service is known for are long days and lots of training.  This often means that PT (Physical Training) happens at all hours of the day.  Soldiers will be running in the evening, morning or night when visibility is low and the chance of being hit by a vehicle is high.  After some unfortunate accidents, the military mandated the use of high reflective belts for training.  Lightweight and small, they do not interfere with activity, but greatly enhance visibility.  Now as civilians, veterans are turning to 360 USA to outfit themselves with same gear they used in the military to boost their safety.  See our product reviews from some of our veterans below: 

Review #1
This is the same kind I used when I was in the Marine Corps. Never thought I would be wearing one once I got out because I'm not "required" to now. But, I recently started jogging more at night and I felt pretty unsafe not having any kind of reflector or light on me so I went ahead and ordered one of these bad boys. Reflects very well.

Review #2
These glow belts kept us safe in conflicts across the US. Now, when we PT here in the states we can feel safe knowing that everyone around us knows where we are at any given time! I wear this to church, Safeway, movies, and other extra curricular activities so I know I'll never be run over by a car. If your a former military person, this is a must have for your daily routine.

 Military PT Belt


Even if you are not former military, you can still get a reflective belt or harness for safety when out exercising.  For example, when I drive in my residential neighborhood at night, I am always concerned with how invisible pedestrians are while they are out for their evening walks.  I think everyone who walks and trains on the streets should get some sort of high visibility gear for their own protection.

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