About Us

Our High Visibility Clothing Story

360 USA is a leading high visibility clothing manufacturer in Garden Grove California. We got our start when our founder began jogging at night to avoid the heat and sun. When looking to find high visibility clothing that would not interfere with the run and increase visibility and safety, everything available was either too expensive or very low quality. Seeing an unmet market need, we created a hi-vis running harness that delivered real value and high quality at an affordable price. Other runners saw the product, asked where they could get one for themselves, and 360 USA was born.

Our core mission is to manufacture exceptional high visibility clothing at a reasonable price.

Today, 360 USA is a major high-quality safety and sporting clothing supplier to individuals, corporate accounts, and the Federal Government (Cage #8EWX8).


Our Facility

360 USA moved to our new headquarters in Garden Grove California in 2019.  The new facility provides a fresh retail showroom for local clients, expanded storage capacity and office space.