Two Reflective Gear Options for Running in the Dark

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Two Reflective Gear Options for Running in the Dark

Going for a run at night can be a calming experience as there’s less noise and traffic. However, due to the reduced visibility, it becomes imperative to wear appropriate running reflective gear. Such gear allows vehicle traffic to see you easily, even in dark conditions. We will share two types of safety gear that you can use for running at night, and also highlight exactly why reflective gear is important for night running. 

Why Reflective Gear Is Vital 

Even if you run against the traffic and pick a relatively well-lit spot at night, there’s a chance that you could meet with an accident because a driver may not see you. Reflective gear offers you that additional level of protection, allowing you to be visible from a significant distance. This can also prevent drivers from slamming the brakes at the last minute, which can pose a potential risk to others on the road as well. Reflective belts for running are an easy cost-effective option to help prevent these types of disastrous outcomes. 

Two Reflective Safety Options for Running at Night

A Running Reflective Belt 

A running reflective belt is a subtle yet effective option for making you visible at night. Consider the reflective running belt by 360 USA Products. This product is 2 inches wide, and the reflective strip is at the center with a width of 0/75 inches. It’s also fully adjustable, accommodating people with waist sizes between 28 inches and 49 inches.  It avoids all worries about falling off or pressing too tightly. 

The belt is lightweight and comfortable, allowing you to run without causing any kind of discomfort. The high-quality construction also includes exceptional durability. It has a PT Belt (Physical Training) design making it both good-looking and effective. 

A Running Reflective Harness

A running reflective harness can be a better option if you expect to run in dark areas with heavy traffic. The harness covers your entire torso, offering even better visibility than the belt. This reflective running harness has the same strap dimensions as the running belt. So you can also use it for biking and hiking at night. This harness is also relatively lightweight, weighing only 5.5 ounces. 

Final Note

With a significant presence of cars on the road at night, it’s crucial that you never leave the house for a jog without running reflective gear. Not wearing the right safety gear could result in a terrible accident which could lead to injury or even death.

You can find some of the finest collections of top-quality reflective harnesses and belts at 360 USA Products. Reach out to us today!